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Zinguh Music Group Bringing the best music to Africa

We are Zinguh Music Group, a tech startup specializing in bringing live concerts and festivals to Africa via live streaming. We miss out on all the big concerts since artists prefer to perform on the bigger world stages in the USA and UK. According to https://www.gsma.com/mobileeconomy/sub-saharan-africa, 475 million people will be smartphone internet users in Sub Saharan Africa by 2025 and we would be the only specializing in providing this service. So how would we generate money? Let’s assume we get (after covid) rights to live stream 25% of Live Nation’s catalog for live concerts and festivals of which there were 40,256 in 2018-2019 generating $9.43 billion. We would generate $1.17 billion if we charge half price for a streaming ticket. We intent to target Live Nation, Tidal and Big Hit Entertainment.
We need funding for:
1. development of the mobile app
2. team
3. forging partnerships
4. Office space
5. Advertising and Marketing
6. Other operational costs

Secteurs Big data, Musique
Emplacement Port Elizabeth, Afrique Du Sud
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