Zeta Corporation The Solution for the Global Waste Management Issues // GreenTech

My name is Miguil Ahmed and I’m the founder CEO of Zeta Corp. I’ve studied in France and Malaysia, I’m 25 yo and I’m based in Malaysia.
My company proposes a radical solution for thé waste management problem, and that has been a main concern for all of us especially in the countryside in Africa and remote areas such as islands in South East Asia. I believe being revolutionary needs perseverance but the goal that’s leading me is much bigger than me and I have no fear leading this project. We aimed to be the leader in combatting this waste management problem by focusing first in African and SEA countries. We’re addressing the actual system of waste management and give a serious update for this sector, that has been forgotten by our governments.
Up to date, I’ve got the chance of having partnerships with important people and build a strong portfolio. I’ve also managed to get in contact with various NGO’s and we’re all ready to make this happen!

Sectors Construction, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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