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ZeaMally Alimentos Develop and commercialize artisanal tortillas supporting women and the countrysi

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Make large-scale artisanal corn tortilla for national and international marketing. using native maize and natural ingredients. The following objectives are sought: 1) economic growth. 2) Support and encourage the cultivation of native maize. By using native corn as a base in all our products, we will add value to it, so the price will be in line with the farmer’s effort in such a way that they are motivated to grow the native varieties. 3) Generate sources of work for vulnerable women, we find ourselves in an otomi zone where there are many marginalized women who did not have the opportunity to access an academic education but who have the ability and knowledge to make handcrafted tortilla. We will be able to pay a decent and truly competitive salary. 4) Technological development; through innovation and creativity the technology is developed to produce large scale handcrafted tortilla in an ergonomic and safe manner.

SectorsCrop farming, Food production, Manufacturing
LocationEl Cerrillo Piedras Blancas, Mexico
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