Zamtree Agroforestry Limited To care for ourselves, we must care for nature.

Nearly 1 billion people worldwide are affected by severe hunger,poverty,chronic diseases,deforestation,impure water,climate change.Many are farmers who rely on small plots of land for their food income. “Across the world, Malnutrition is the largest killer of children under 5 years of age, contributing to nearly half of all child deaths”. In Zambia,more than 30% of children are stunted.

Solution is to improve lives through the moringa tree as it shows great promise as a tool to help overcome these problems, We’ll vertically integrate our supply chain for moringa, & turn moringa into clean beauty products, nutritious beverages & snacks. Connect farmers to the training & inputs they need to grow moringa; teach them how to integrate moringa into their everyday diets; serve as a guaranteed market, increasing their incomes; produce & distribute our moringa products.

Transform challenges into business opportunities and create win-win partnerships.

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Environmental services
Location Lusaka, Zambia
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