Zambona Enterprise Limited Cattle rearing and Quality meat processing in Zambia

Zambona operates an innovative mobile slaughter unit at mini-feedlots it establishes in deep rural areas in Zambia. It’s purpose is to bring the market to small scale livestock farmers who otherwise are forced to walk their cattle for 20-40 kms to a market where often unscrupulous middlemen pay very low prices for the cattle. During this trek the cattle suffer, lose weight, bringing lowerincomes to these already poor farmers. In addition, due to endemic disease the Zambian government has regular animal movement bans which has an immense negative effect on the livelihoods of smallscale livestock farmers. By utilising a mobile slaughter unit there is no need to move live cattle and Zambona slaughters in the rural areas, butchers the meat at its own butchery and provides a range of products to the growing Zambian market for meat and meat products. Demand from customers outstrips Zambona’s current capacity and the company can double its supply within 2 years through additional investment

Sectors Animal farming, Food and beverage, Food production
Location Lusaka Road, Zambia
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