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Zama’s Choice Spices & Herbs Spices &Herbs

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I started the business buying spices from the Millers.I brand, package into 100g packets,and make 5 spice type in 5kg’s packages.Then sell to people so that they sell for profit.This model has shown a positive response.Now I want to produce spices myself so that I can be able to sell to customers at competitive prices for more profit.
With most people becoming health conscious we will produce MSG FREE,Gluten Free and produce vegetable powders like Beetroot powder, Carrots powder, tomato powder and more which are more healthier as thickeners to stews and soups compared to those with preservatives.
I want to sell more of natural spices and herbs and educate consumers on the benefits of using preservative free vs spice with chemicals.My spices will have Himalaya salt instead of the ordinary salt, for a less sodium salt to curb heart disease.
The business that I am introducing is unique in South Africa.Where spices are branded,packaged, delivered to your door.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Lenasia, South Africa
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