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Z wallet make your life smarter with your Z wallet

Z wallet is a startup that will innovate the traditional wallet usually used by making it multi-usable, more secure, more connected, more attractive in short, it will become a Smart wallet.
With the change in trend and technology, where everything is digitized is based on technology, why should portfolios be late? especially since the wallet is an accessory that each of us always carries in our pockets, theft or respect for the wallet results in the loss of your money, some precious irreplaceable papers such as: identity card, payment card, health card, essential notes, flash memory and cash
our solution will contribute to strengthening the security of the wallet and the smartphone (both are connected) with an anti-theft system, with many features: alarm distance, Power Bank, Global GPS Tracking, Encrypted storage space integrated on the wallet up to 256 GB of memory accessible by the application which is connected to the wallet, this allows the user to save data sensitive to loss,

Secteurs Solutions de cloud, Connectivité, Evénements, Internet-des-choses, Loisirs et voyages, Solutions Smart city, Tourisme
Emplacement Tizi-Ouzou, Algérie
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