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Yxtor Business on the map

Many businesses are closing or suffering to survive.
The best way to get through this is by getting on the train of digitalization and e-commerce.
However, for most who undertake a MyPyMEs, this issue is unknown or avoided, as social media and current platforms can be overwhelming or complicated for the many of the owners of these businesses and that affects the entire community, as without the technology they will continue to disappear, affecting more employment and the local economy.
For this reason is born yxtor, a social enterprise that aims to boost the economy of our communities by digitizing and hyperlocal commerce.
A tool to put on the map all businesses, products, brands and services, where it is easy, fast and accessible to have a digital presence and enter e-commerce at your capacity and with global reach.

Sectors E-commerce, Marketing and PR
Location Heroica Matamoros, Mexico
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