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Youth Entrepreneurship and Tourism for Social Deve Youth Entrepreneurship Tourism and Social Development (YESTD)

Youth Entrepreneurship and Tourism for Social Development (YESTD) is legal framework to support non-formal learning activities for young people. It’s aims to respond at Nepal to the needs of young people from different aspects. It has been adopted after wide consultation with the different stakeholders in the youth field. It supports the new youth policy and framework in the youth field, which outlines a cross-sectoral approach to youth issues with a view not only to creating more and equal opportunities for all young people in education and in the labour market but also to promoting the active engagement, social inclusion and solidarity of all young people participation. It makes an important contribution to the acquisition of competences through non-formal learning as well as to the promotion of young people’s active participation to promote youth empower and development. entrepreneurship and tourism activities with sustainable development, national and international mobility etc

Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Tourism
Location Kathmandu, Nepal
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