Yesharvest Yesharvest is an online and offline integrated beef retail franchise that sells affordable and hygienic beef to Nigerians.

In the distribution chain of beef in Nigeria, there are 5 layers of middlemen between cattle farmers and beef consumers. Each of these 5 middlemen make between 10-30% profit which are cumulatively passed on to consumers, resulting in high cost of beef. 

Currently, beef consumers in Nigeria are paying more than they should due to the activities of these chains of middlemen. And because 99.99% of beef sales in Nigeria are still done in the open and unhygienic market, there is lack of professionalism in the Nigeria beef industry.

We are leveraging software to aggregate demand and supply directly from consumers and cattle farmers respectively to collapse beef supply chain in Nigeria, and by doing this, we can source cattle from farmers at 10% above market rate and retail to consumers at 20% below market at a good margin.

Sectors Agribusiness, E-commerce, Food and beverage
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
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