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Ybom Integrated Resources Limited Healthy foods, Ybom Foods

Cover image of Ybom Integrated Resources Limited, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Our appetite for unhealthy foods causes many health problems today. We are over-eating and undernourishing our bodies.
Solution: Ybom Foods is a company that provides families with healthy foods and drinks so they can live a healthy lifestyle. We know how hard it can be, but we also know how rewarding it is when you get there. Let Ybom help you on your journey towards being healthier—our products are tasty and nutritious, made from natural ingredients, convenient…and free of chemical preservatives.
We particularly help diabetic and health conscious individuals eat healthily and guilt free without fear of increasing their blood sugar content.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production, Manufacturing
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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