YAPILI YAPILI is a telehealth solutions delivering Health@Hand.

YAPILI is a micro-subscription messaging service for health advice, online follow-up and secure digital health records. In the African societies where public health facilities and medical expertise can be scarce, costly and hard to reach, YAPILI offers new opportunities to establish effortless, affordable and confidential contact with local and international health care professionals. Fields of expertise include; pregnancy & family planning, diabetes, hypertension, HIV, sexual health, mental health and generic primary care. Users can access the service via the website https://yapili.com or via the YAPILI app on their smartphone. Our slogan “Health@Hand” implies the usage of a hand-held device with internet access, enabling those seeking advice to obtain high quality health advice at the tip of a finger instantly. Our mHealth solution leverages the increasing use of mobile technology and connectivity across Africa, in order to empower the end users and to enhance access to their health