Yami Monetize your spare event items as a means of extra source of income

Yami is an online community marketplace where people list for rent their event-related items (used or spare), for the purpose of making extra cash and reducing waste. A simple demonstration of the concept of Yami is that most ladies buy and use their wedding gowns once. For instance Mary bought her wedding gown and used it for her marriage two years ago. Since then the gown lies idle in her wardrobe. Yami gives Mary an opportunity of making money off her gown. She simply signs up on Yami with a clear picture of the gown, fills in a detailed description of it and uploads it for rent. New brides who love the gown can rent it from Mary instead of buying new ones or renting from a gown shop which is more expensive. Nigeria’s hospitality industry is one of the most vibrant globally yet the cost of equipment for events still contributes more than 10-20% of total cost incurred for event hosting e.g. wedding, conferences etc. This poses a huge cost problem for people organizing events.