xendit logistics limited big or small, we got it covered

my name is EHIMIAGHE TAIYE SONIA CEO/FOUNDER of xendit logistics limited based in Nigeria. xendit is a start up tech logistics company located in the nerve center of Nigeria (Lagos state) established to solve the everyday logistics needs of Nigerians by the use of fast and efficient delivery system through combination app and human ingenuity. we provide solutions to the current problems most logistics business/companies face in Nigeria today which are;
1. in matter of urgency we provide visible presence of dispatch riders reducing delay in reception and delivery of packages.
2. tracking.: most logistics businesses in Nigeria have no means of tracking goods in possession of the dispatch riders but with xendit, customers can track their packages while relaxed at their various locations.
3. the traffic rate in Lagos state is very high which makes delivery of goods very slow, xendit helps business thrive through delivery of products easily despite congestion(traffic).

Secteurs ICT, Logistique
Emplacement Lagos, Nigeria
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