Xemilla Harmony of the field to your house.



Xemilla is a means that seeks to connect small and medium agricultural producers with the families located in the city through the direct marketing of their products, from fruits and vegetables to other products such as tlacoyos.

Xemilla seeks to provide families with fresh, quality and competitively priced products, while supporting producers to obtain fairer payments for their products. Having identified that 8 out of 10 people suffering from food poverty in our country are farmers, Xemilla seeks to become a means of transformation, encouraging producers to make their work more valued and obtaining a fair payment for their products.

Xemilla will look for the future to connect with more communities, offer products at higher quality, at better prices for families, supporting farmers with other types of support and eventually, digitizing everything in a mobile application.

Secteurs Culture agricole
Emplacement Ciudad López Mateos, Mexique
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