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In Worthy we will co-create new forms of support for social organizations, social entrepreneurs and civil society initiatives, providing a high level of social commitment, only in Colombia are registered in the open data sources of the government 2500 OSC, However, this data is much greater, and recent studies by organizations such as CIVICUS and Innpactia have identified that 6 billion dollars are lost in calls that are not attended by non-profit entities, lack of resources and lack of knowledge. of the support channels are the counters for these organizations. Worthy improves the experience in obtaining resources, offering a flexible support alternative with a post-collection payment model, improving the results of the process in application to calls for grants, tenders, and awards, among others.

Sectores Servicios empresariales, Consultoría y desarrollo empresarial, Marketing y relaciones públicas
Ubicación Bogotá, Colombia
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