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Worldbay Technologies Ltd Grocedy. Staple foods at wholesale price through savings

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Food. Everybody needs it but unfortunately not everybody can afford it. This is especially so in Africa, where there is a high level of poverty and malnutrition. Supermarkets and in some cases local traditional market prices are out of reach for most families, especially those who rely on day-to-day income and survive on less than $5 a day.
Middle class families and workers in most cases spend too much by buying their food staples in smaller quantities from supermarkets and neighborhood markets as they may not have the time to frequent the larger markets. A trip to the larger markets also involves bulk purchasing which comes with its own cost and logistics implications.
In summary food is expensive for a lot of families and is becoming even more expensive with year-on-year inflation. Low-income earners and even middle-class families most times do not have the wage increase to match these price increase. There lies a problem.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Food and beverage
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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