Wirestream PTY Ltd Communications provider to disadvantaged and marginalized communities

South Africa has hundreds of disadvantaged and marginalized communities.
Big business declines to service these areas with fibre or broadband wireless due to cost.
These communities rely on expensive cellular technologies for communications.
Wirestream has a model that is designed for these areas, and addresses all the fiscal challenges that face the communities.
Subscriber networks and hotspot networks combine to offer high speed, affordable network access.
In a community where 300 persons spend R300 ($20.00) average per month, the potential gross profits are in excess of R80000.00 ($5400) per month. Subscriber bases to be small in poorer communities, but hotspots will enjoy great support.
With a 5 year plan for 50+ communities, this becomes a fiscally rewarding project, along with the social and entrepreneurial benefits, job creation and empowerment of communities that leads to better education and greater re-investment in the communities.

SectorsConnectivity, ICT, Internet
LocationMeyerton, South Africa
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