&Wider Invaluable data direct from workers along your supply chain.

&Wider monitors working conditions for big brands using automated calls to workers’ mobile phones. Our solution is simple, scalable and cost-effective. It is not dependent on smartphones and we can work in any geography. The calls always last 5-6 minutes, and are delivered in the language of the worker’s choosing. The worker never uses their voice, never mentions their name, they only ever need to press 1, 2 or 3 in response to 20 simple questions. The data gathered via these calls is then summarised on easy to read traffic light dashboards where every workplace or supplier is classified as either red, amber or green. This dashboard allows buyers to spot urgencies at a glance and support continuous improvement across supply chains, and enables employers to improve their workers’ working conditions and wellbeing. In short, we provide our clients with clarity on when and where working conditions along their global supply chains need improving.

Stage Startup stage EST November 2014
Sectors Big data, Business services, ICT
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Markets Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America
Customer model B2B
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