WHITSUN Payment Systems LTd Next Generation Mobile Money Payment System

Mission – To Operate a Payment Platform that best serves the needs of Stakeholders within the Cashlight Economy.

Ghana Leads in Mobile Money (MoMo) Transactions in West Africa
Approx. 58% of Ghanaian s have MoMo Accounts vrs 16% for traditional Bank Accounts and are responsible for 50% + of last mile retail transactions, which is reported to be close to 82M 99.9% of payments for consumption goods by volume are in cash payment, and these make up 94% of payments by volume. Over 99% of MoMo transactions are Peer to Peer payments with very little for direct payment for goods and services from Mobile wallet payments
Digitizing a fraction of these transactions would have a significant impact on the overall ecosystem, and driving adoption among small merchants and consumers. On an individual level, a relatively large pool of potential customers who would have a greater incentive to use their mobile wallets to pay for goods and services, provided the payment process is easy and s

Sectors E-commerce, Fintech, Information technology
Location Accra, Ghana
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