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A large proportion of the population in Africa is denied access to credit facilities due to lack of a dependable credit scoring mechanism. The available credit scoring mechanisms in the African continent focus only on the data from formal banking system, ignoring the vast valuable data from the mobile phones that could be used to generate a dependable credit score.

We are building the new age tools in credit scoring and fraud mitigation to power new models of lending such as using mobile phone data to score a user’s credit worthiness. We employ machine learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) that uses the data available on customers’ cellphones to predict the credit worthiness.

Our core focus is providing underlying technology to enable financiers, and retail merchants to offer their goods and services on credit to the people in the informal sector.

Stage Unknown EST November 2016
SectorsFinancial services, Fintech, Mobile
LocationNairobi, Kenya
MarketsKenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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