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WEYE Clean Energy Co. Ltd Using social business as atool to promote clean cooking

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WEYE Clean Energy Co. Ltd

WEYE Clean Energy Co. Ltd

With our award winning social business model, our briquette business is a fast growing enterprise that is guaranteed to turn $150000 investment in to an annual revenue of $213,000 and annual profit of $74550. The briquettes have existed in Uganda for over 10 years but many producers and traders have collapsed due to lack of market. Our idea is based on creating our own niche market. We invest in free renovation of wood stoves to our institutional briquette stove technology in institutional kitchens like in Schools, Universities, Hospitals and Prisons in exchange for a 3-year contract as sole suppliers of their briquettes. With our stove technology and our briquettes, the customers save up to 35% on cost of cooking fuel, 50% on cooking time and their cooking staff are no longer exposed to any toxic smoke while cooking. The business model above and the niche market (institutional kitchens and poultry farms) makes us unique from competitors who target household markets.

SectorsBiomass, Renewable energy
LocationMukono, Uganda
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