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AGROMARKET is a web and mobile platform that connects the different actors in the primary sector (farmers, breeders, fishermen …) and buyers (Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets, Wholesalers and Retailers) in a digital agropastoral market. AGROMARKET will be the first African digital market specially designed to facilitate their exchanges. This virtual market will serve to promote local production at the international level. The objective is to facilitate local producers in the flow of their production by enhancing and increasing the visibility of their products but also the expansion of their distribution channels by providing them with an opening and direct access On the international market: a wide range of producers and consumers in one market. AGROMARKET is a web and mobile platform accessible, fast, efficient and easy to use. We ensure that the products offered on the platform are of quality and suitable for consumption. The local delivery services (Partners) will ensure a relia

Sectors Agribusiness, E-commerce, Food and beverage
Location Dakar, Senegal
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