welcome key sa Loyalty/banking card with UBA & Visa, e-commerce and e-payment app

Done : a network of merchants partners (already 110 signed) that offers special discounts to save so that customers can raise financial assets that we will invest in shares of companies, a loyalty and banking card, Welcome Key, powered by UBA Group and Visa, an e-commerce website with merchant partners, an e-payment app to make banking card virtual on mobile phones or pay from banking account,
80% of all Cameroonians have a phone (16 M) and 35% has a smartphone (7 M). The statistics are the same in Africa (800 M and 350 M). So, there is a huge market for e-payment and e-commerce in the country and the continent. That’s why we have choosen UBA group (22 countries) as banking partner. We have already signed and NDA with Ecobank (present in 35 countries).

Our current need : $300, 000. Exit : offers 3 to 5 years, ROI : 66%-300% according to assumptions of income. Current team : CEO (1), IT (02), Sales (01).