WeFarmers Simplifying knowledge sharing among African farmers.

Any farmer with access to a mobile phone can make a call to our centralised phone number. The call is automatically triaged and forwarded to a pre-vetted model farmer with a matching profile. In case the receiving farmer cannot provide a satisfactory answer to the caller, the issue is escalated to a professional agronomist; and so on until a solution is found and sent back to the initial caller.
In the backend, we use advanced cognitive technologies to teach machines to observe, learn, and extract patterns from these calls. The resulting behavioural graphs are then combined with the crops’ biology and prevailing climatic and market conditions; to push targeted products and services to each farmer.
Though our head office is based in Wageningen, we have a second office in Rwanda, where we are currently testing our services before scaling to the rest of subsaharan Africa. As of August 2018, we have 6 people working on the startup in Netherlands and additional 8 people based in Rwanda

Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Artificial intelligence
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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