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Wastezon Connecting Recycling industries with households to transact e-wastes.

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Wastezon app uses integrated advanced technology including GPS and messaging features to help recycling or re-processing industries to locate the disposed e-wastes. Our target is to help Rwandan household give real-time transit information to recycling industries while helping them to eliminate the need of travelling in house compounds searching for e-wastes, with an aim of reducing an average of -0.58 t GHG per a trip done by each garbage truck. We charge 10% commission on each kg of wastes transacted on the app. Our innovative solution is designed to offer recycling actors excellent, reliable and quick services which emphasize the following values: time and cost saving, reliability, convenience in payment, sorted wastes and an environmental friendly and healthy waste transaction and delivery.

SectorsClean technology, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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