Waste2Build project Sustainable Living

EcoPlastile allows thousands of slum dwellers to collect and use waste plastics as a form of financial resource in exchange for medical services and uses an innovative, chemical-free and energy-efficient technology called “waxy 2 technology” to transform post-consumer waste into plastic poles, lumbers and tiles which replaces expensive wooden timbers! thus reducing plastic plus marine pollution, deforestation rates, and the effects of climate change while improving access to health facilities especially for marginalized communities in developing countries
We are committed to environmental, green housing, health and sustainable living excellence that is integrated with a business‐wide approach to sustainability.
In addition to providing a solid waste management solution for developing countries, we provide an alternative to timber thus saving our forests and further mitigate climate change.

StageGrowth stage EST April 2018
SectorsConstruction, Manufacturing, Waste management and recycling
LocationKira, Uganda
Customer modelB2C
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