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Waste-Bin Mobile App Waste-Bin contributes to economy through waste transportation

We remain in a stigma that, the environment must bear the wastes produced by the humans and thus, it gets severely polluted. What if the waste produced by us is not simply waste? The restaurants out there are producing tons of food waste every day. Our app, Waste-Bin creates a bridge between the restaurants and recycling plants and energy producing factories. Organic wastes, animal bones, and plastic are the major waste products, produced in huge amounts by the restaurants. These could be used for fertilizer production, plastic recycling, and bio-gas plants. The restaurant outlets separate these wastes and give out information about the amount of waste available to them from their produced food. Our app helps them in posting their data both qualitatively and quantitatively. The wastes are then collected by factories for recycling and producing energy, benefiting hundreds of household dwellers. Our business runs by charging 3-4% subscription fees per transaction to the industries.

Sectors Connectivity, Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Egypt
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