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WARFAA GROUP HOLDINGS LTD Supplier and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables

Uganda has rich agricultural soils and it produces many products. However, most of these go to waste and attract very low prices for farmers in their peak season. In times of low supply, the prices become too high for buyers as well. We are looking at solving this problem by putting up a pack house and cold storage which will absorb all the products that would have been wasted when supply in much, so that they are supplied when supply has reduced. This will maintain the market prices stable because supply will be the same so it’ll be a benefit to both buyers and farmers.
We’re also looking at putting Hass avocado farms because of it’s high demand worldwide and the returns are quite good. Uganda has very fertile soils to make this happen.
All these projects will improve the lives of many people directly and indirectly as agriculture accounts to more than 60% of the population in Uganda.

SectorsAgribusiness, Import and export
LocationKampala, Uganda
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