Wallu Save your neighbors

In Africa, our contries are struggling to meet the standard set by World Health Organization about blood donations of 10 donations/1000 inhabitants. Our country, Senegal, is 6 donations/1000 inhabitants. So in case of emergency, people face big problems to find blood. 

Wallu will help health structures or blood banks, or for persons in need to find donors with blood group characteristics thanks to our system that will identify all volunteer donors, registered by theirselves or by health structures. Wallu will make sure to notify these blood donors of the situation (activities of blood donation, emergencies…) by SMS or voice call. And it will not stop there, it will find donors closest to your position and still meeting your characteristics. And all this will be done automatically, without any human intervention. We rely on communication nearby for saving lifes

Secteurs Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé
Emplacement Dakar, Sénégal
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