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Waka Rabbitry Rabbit the untapped oil well in Africa

Waka Rabbitry is a start up agribusiness idea developed in Kenya, with a focus on the agricultural nature of the country and Africa at large. The industry focuses on the production of rabbits, where all products from the bunnies, namely meat, fur and urine are the key raw material. The farming entails bringing farmers into small groups of about 10 and taking them as a unit. each unit is sensitized on potential of rabbit farming, then trained on how best to practice the activity. upon successful training, the farmers will sign a contract and be provided with necessary materials. These materials include construction of a rabbit house with indoor cages, a number of rabbits(mature does and bucks in appropriate proportion) and a regular supply of feeds.
The activities of the farmers will be closely monitored using a mobile application and upon maturation of the animals, they will be picked from the farms and the farmers bank account credited with their pay, after deduction of expenses.

Sectors Agribusiness, Agrichemicals, Animal farming
Location Mukurweini, Kenya
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