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WAB Cinema Cinema. Providing unbeatable entertainment to customers.

The cinema business is highly profitable. In fact in 2015, analysts found out that the cinema and entertainment Business is worth more than $3 billion. Ado-Ekiti is the capital city of Ekiti state with over three higher institutions and over 420,000 indigenes with no Cinema. People, most especially students and youths travel to neighboring states such as Osun and Ondo states not minding the bad roads, stress and expenses to enjoy a night out at the cinema. And once they get to the cinema, it is usually sub-standard and weak customer service. A famous entrepreneur once said that “The best business ideas is recognizing a problem and solving such problem”. The presence of a good Cinema is Ado-Ekiti has solved a problem thereby boosting the value of the state at large.
A cinema in Ado-Ekiti will provide the residents and indigenes of Ekiti State at large with long-awaited, hometown Cinema.

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment
LocationAdo Ekiti, Nigeria
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