VibeCampo Unleash the power of communities to discover, explore and grow your talents, skills and interests.

We believe that success for every young person today, means to discover, explore and grow their talents, skills and interests. Having the right people around them is the best way to make this possible, and this is what VibeCampo is about.

VibeCampo helps young people unleash the power of communities to enrich their world and start the journey for change, towards a fulfilling life. By bringing people with similar talents, skills and interests together into productive communities, there is no limit to their achievements. 

They spend time sharing experiences, asking questions and getting answers, getting tips, trends and news, grabbing opportunities and completing goals. These and more activities to come are meant to help every young person, in and out of campus – campus/college students, high school graduates, alumni and industry professionals to mentor, be mentored, make the necessary networks, and get the insights they need to succeed. 

Don’t get us wrong, we are making this as fun and enjoyable as possible, as open as possible, and as rewarding as possible. It’s a free world, and its a beach.

Stage Unknown EST May 2014
Sectors Education, Internet, Utilities
Location Kenya
Markets Kenya
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