Verani Capital The smarter way to pay for life’s larger purchases over time.

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Verani Capital is a Point of Sale (POS) financing company. We help consumers increase their buying by providing better sales financing options than a standard credit card, with lower interest rates, structured payment terms and revolving credit.

We use technology to advance consumer-friendly credit by improving access, transparency, ease, and cost. Our products are clear and easy to understand, and we deliver excellent customer service. We work with merchant partners to bring more customers within their reach by providing products and solutions that fit their needs.

Not only can we complete the financing application on any device, anywhere, and provide credit limit approval within minutes, but we also have higher approval rates and offer your customers flexible payment options at interest rates significantly below current options in the market. This means the customers can purchase what they need, when they need it, and walk out of the store and also save money.