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Venity For a hygienic home

I have a business idea I will love to introduce to you. It is about Toilet Paper production. In Nigeria there are some places where health challenges are strong. These places face epidemics such as cholera.

These places are mainly in Southeastern Nigeria and this health challenge is highly under-reported. During our (my team and I) search for the cause and solution we discovered that people who are mostly at risk to this epidemic are from Ebonyi State Southeastern Nigeria. These people (vulnerable) don’t go to toilet with toilet papers and in most cases don’t wash their hands after defecating.

However, our solution to this likely epidemic (cholera) outbreak is to start production of toilet paper to sell to these people. Also, another, solution is to organize health seminars where health practitioners will educate the people on why they should use toilet papers for defecating.

Sectors Manufacturing
Location Umuahia, Nigeria
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