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veggie diesel Driving Zimbabwe into a greener future

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Veggie diesel is a startup venture seeking funding for a biodiesel plant to serve the greater parts of ZImbabwe. The biodiesel machines are based technologies developed by Springboard USA. Each machine produces 1040 litres a day. The fuel from the machines would be certified for BI00 fuel by ZAS. B100 can be used for diesel blends. The refinery can operate profitably without producer tax credits. Zimbabwe has industries and institutions that rely on diesel fuels. These include farmers, schools and private vehicle owners. Moreover, the southern African region also has the raw materials and technology to make biodiesel at a scale that reflects the local and regional demand. The ability to produce fuels using bio-resources opens up new markets for regional entrepreneurs while providing investors with solid business opportunities with manageable risks.

SectorsBiofuels, Clean technology and energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
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