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Veggfarming Business In A Box NPC Entrepreneurship for the unemployed in rural, sub-Saharan Africa.

VeggFarming Business in a Box NPC is on a mission to:
– Make successful farmer-entrepreneurs / fertilizer producers from unemployed people in Southern Africa.
– To provide more skills and opportunities for existing small-scale farmers to get out of poverty.
– To curb malnutrition by providing fruit, vegetables, and eggs at producer prices to rural communities.
– To make food production in Southern Africa environmentally sustainable:

With an invention that uniquely combines two microbiological processes: The Biodynamic Veggester.
2. Phased approach
Veggfarming Business in a Box adopts a phased approach through its different entities:
1. Veggspo Show Farms where VeggFarming principles are brought into practice.
2. VeggCademies: These are institutions of learning, placed on the Veggspos
3. The B.O.R.N. Equity Crowd-Fund: Structural financial means and advice to secure the success of newly
established VeggFarmers.

SectorsClean technology and energy, Educational services, Food production
LocationParys, South Africa
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