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Vanir Capital LLC Building financial solutions for the emerging economy

IDEA: At Vanir Capital we plan to offer credit & finance services to everyone who belongs to a community & owns a bank account and a smart phone. at our core traditional business, Vanir Capital offers users easy access to simplified financial products and services like Investments, loan, LPO financing etc. We also help Provide advisory service in the area of Investment and choosing the best plan for our customers.

Our revenue model is based on percentage on loan and investment portfolio being handled to trade with via securities products like bonds, treasury bills in Nigeria.

PITCH: We are creating a revolutionary Peer – to – peer lending platform that will change the rules of the game. Our Idea leverages community, the smart phone technology, and development incubating instruments to create access to financing solutions for all. Our first major target: THE STUDENT COMMUNITY.

Sectors Agritech, Crop farming
Location Lekki Phase 1, Nigeria
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