Uzibox A dynamic contant sharing platform

Uzibox is a platform that allows users to share and interact with videos and articles, allowing content creators to get the best value for their content.

Uzibox is a business that came into existence due to the motivation to make a great African product, that can cater to the needs of the growing African creativity. We discovered bigger brands do not properly serve this market as we are considered the unresourced market, No platform cater directly for African writers and video content creators, These users have to go the extra mile to get their content out on platforms which don’t favor them in any way, this kills drive, productivity, and conviction on the long run.

Video contents aren’t properly showcased, only specific content categories are favored regardless of how great your content is, and users who luckily breakthrough, have to for wait for sum1 who wants to run an advertising campaign through them or means outside the platform to monetize their content, This can be hard and frustrating.

There are no platform existing offers writers a way to directly monetize their readers, without having to put google Adsense codes in between their content, making it disorganized.

There is little to no Monetization scheme for the user engaged in them,

Stage Startup stage EST October 2018
Sectors Creative, media and entertainment
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
Customer model C2C
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