Uzapoint Limited Uwezo Pamoja

There are approximately 7.4 Million micro and small businesses in Kenya. However, 30% of these businesses close every year citing high operation costs. This is because, these kiosks owners typically keep hard copy records of their sales data, customers’ credit, debts from suppliers, cash receipts, and other critical business information. Very rarely will they leverage technology to help them manage their operations. Uzapoint has come in as an Enterprise Resource Planning tool for these kiosks. It helps these kiosk owners to automate their sales process, through a Mobile point of Sale which will also tracks their stock levels. The Mobile Application also allows them to receive sales orders from customers and processes purchase orders to suppliers based on their reorder levels. These businesses are reminded to collect credit from customers and pay suppliers in due time on the platform. Also our Business Intelligence tool also allows them to make more informed decisions.