Ushub Connecting blood donors & recipients in real time.

Ushub connects blood donors & recipients through existing blood banks in Africa.

Ushub makes it easier for you to be a better blood donor! Blood donors always intend to donate more frequently, but forget when they are eligible to donate again, or didn’t know when their blood collection agency or bank needed blood. Ushub also intends to convert all of us who can donate to become active blood donors.

With Ushub, as a blood donor you can:

– Easily record your donations
– Set reminders when you’re eligible to donate again
– Find and register for blood drives near you
– And even get notified when you’re near an active blood drive

As blood donors we know how important it is to donate, and built this app to help ourselves be better donors and better members of our own community. We sincerely hope it helps you too.

And if you work at a blood bank or blood collection agency, please visit to learn how to get your blood drives loaded into the Ushub platform.

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