URUMULI My business is to develop a pineapple plant and produce it into juice

My business has potential because I use modern agricultural experts so it helps me increase pineapple productions and make it more productive by extracting sweet juice and selling it to my customers.
I purchase a lot of pineapples in the market and pack them. Now, I will process it as intended using cleaning machines to see how I can extract the juice. In fact, I can take out 500 l of juice a day and work on the command because they are immediately delivered to the shops where customers can use them by drinking.
The juices I make are of high quality because they are tested by a quality agency. I have now started my own business and I also want to do other profitable projects in the field of development and strive to be a professional entrepreneur.In addition, I am expanding my branch offices and other regions in order to promote my products and find them in markets all over Rwanda.
My goal is not to be discouraged and to continue to work hard for the betterment of the country and s

SectorsCrop farming
LocationKivuruga, Rwanda
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