UREKA GLOBAL VENTURES We recycle plastic and nylon wastes for commercial purpose..

Ureka Global Ventures (Ureka Synergy) is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. We specialize in recycling plastic and nylon wastes into paving stones/interlocking, roofing sheet, bricks/blocks and clothing. We are currently providing solutions to 8 out of the 17 agendas of the Sustainable Developmental goals (SGDs) of the United Nations; which include poverty reduction, to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all ages, and to protect our marine and terrestrial lives amongst others. The estimated revenue waste generate is over ninety billion naira (Businessday 2017) in Nigeria, these wastes can be use in solving lasting road construction issue, reduce health hazard and create jobs for so many people.

Secteurs Construction et fabrication, Conseils et développement des affaires, Gestion et recyclage des déchets
Emplacement Nigeria
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