Urban Roof Farm Service by ERST Adding greens to your life !


My team comprises
1) Me- CEO /founder , environmentalist, – I have been myself a practinor of farming for 5 years. And I have been training and have various experiences related to farming. Besides I have carried our research paper on agriculture practices to combat climate change. I have also carried our Agriculture and women empowerment project.

2) Sumana LamichaneEnvironmentalistist -office Manager . she has expertise in environmental communication and research .

3) Namrata Thapa Magar: Environmentlist- Field Manager. She has expertise in managing the field work and people.

4) Narayan Bhattrai : Agriculturist -He is consultant and agriculture specialist who has been in this sector for more than 8 years.

5) Samikshya poudel: Social/ media content creator

6) We also have freelancers that we hire while only in field work.