Uptonmart Buy wherever you want and choose how to pay

We seek to democratize credit and e-commerce and the purchase of durable consumer goods that increase people’s quality of life, and Uptonmart is the first fintech company in Mexico achieving just that.
Buy wherever you want and choose how to pay means that you can access the best products, at the best stores and at the best prices. In addition, our credit conditions allow our clients to have comfortable payments which translate into more disposable income for them. What is more, our clients can do the whole process of selecting the product, applying for a credit line, receive the product directly at home and making payments 100% online.
At the center of Uptonmart is our client, his o her needs, and how we can meet them. When a person or a family buys a good washing machine, this means that they no longer must stay home to wash by hand on weekends. If they buy a good refrigerator, they can freeze their food, thus avoiding eating out unhealthily. This is what we mean by democratization.

Stage Growth stage EST November 2018
Sectors E-commerce, Fintech
Location Guadalajara, Mexico
Markets Mexico
Customer model B2C
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