UP2JOY CONCEPTS easy and more, quality styling.

We are a fashion, designs and promotional material company with the vision of being the easiest to deal with company of our sector in Nigeria and the west African sub-region. Presently, our core business area is fashion, and we have revolutionized how this is run in Nigeria by using modern information technology tools of social media platforms and software in the business of producing indigenous African attires.

There are not less than 2 million middle-class working class youths living in Lagos that buy clothes worth 500 dollars monthly, however, 6 out of every 10 of these deals face disappointments. We are poised at doing business in a new way with a fuse of unique designs, quality material and social media marketing experience, better businesses will translate to financial independence and good Gross Domestic Products.

We shall be able to employ 15 staff, grow sales at 5% annually , and get net profit percentage of 42.2% 

Stage Unknown EST April 2015
LocationLagos, Nigeria
MarketsBenin, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo
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