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UP Hotel Group we create the future of Africa

We live in the plastic age

Plastic is everywhere. In the ground, in the sea and in our bodies. 

Only the tourism industry in Tanzania discard about 25,000 plastic water
bottles per day! There is a big global movement about sustainability in the tourism industry. 

The problem is the solution! 

We will realize the first major hotel project in Tanzania to present
a great solution for this problem. We create an international design boutique hotels which fullfills
the expectations of international clients. 

The industry continued to grow in 201 4 as exhibited by increase
in the number of international tourist arrivals to 1 ,1 40,1 56 from 782,699 recorded in 201 0. As a result, tourism earning increased to USD 2,006 Billion from USD 1 ,254 Billion in 201

Sectors Renewable energy, Tourism, Waste management and recycling
Location Frankfurt, Germany
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