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Umojalands System Ensuring food security an de-risking lending to smallholder farmers

Umojalands System is improving the food system by ensuring digital access to underutilized farmland and supporting financial inclusion using farmer digital identity numbers.

1. Digital land Access – We register underutilized land offering detailed information not limited to Soil analysis Plot info landholder skills, water availability and infrastructure, such info is used by land seeker to make informed decisions when they want to buy farming land

2. Supporting financial inclusion using unique farmer e-IDs: farmer e-IDs is an electronic card that stores farmer data for the purpose of loan accessing. We register smallholder farmers by building their credit profiles, farmer rating, Agronomic data, Market data and document warehousing, such information is then delivered to Financiers in the form of electronic numbers meaning farmers and financiers do not need to travel for loan outsourcing. The digital identity makes it easy for financiers to find fundable farmers.

Sectores Agritech, Banca, Fintech
Ubicación Zimbawe
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