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Umodzi Farms Growing with farmers, for quality and sustainability

Cover image of Umodzi Farms, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Smallholder farmers – the most poor and food insecure, characterised with low productivity – need to increase production by 60% to feed the world by 2050 (FAO, 2012). Access to productive inputs/services including markets require farmers to operate collectively. Even though supported with collective structures, 2 million farmers in Malawi are unable to leverage on 90% of them. Worthwhile, underutilised collective marketing structures entice a hybrid model of aggregating and contract farming for quality and sustainability-oriented markets. These farms would engage local farmer organisations and creditors to foster and support sustainable production and localised aggregation for export markets using improved, diverse plus eco-farming approaches, digital tools and communal warehouses. This will strengthen farmer organisations to facilitate marginal farmers access to productive inputs, services and profitable prices, to improve their productivity, food-nutrition sufficiency and incomes.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Food production
LocationLimbe, Malawi
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