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Ujinji Invest Reducing deforestation by offering charcoal briquettes for cooking

Venture Profile Ujinji Invest image of Drying Briquetes

Cost of electricity and gas for cooking compounded by high unemployment have caused Malawians to buying and selling charcoal for cooking and income generation causing Malawi to loose forests. UJINJI Invest is offering MAKALA Charcoal Briquettes for cooking and as source of income with a mission to reduce deforestation.
We are collecting waste from the environment and agricultural residues from farmers add value to them and produce MAKALA Charcoal briquettes as clean, affordable source of cooking energy. Charcoal briquettes reduce deforestation and release of sequestered carbon into the atmosphere hence preserving the world’s forest ecosystems. Switching to charcoal briquettes stimulates local jobs and income streams hence poverty reduction. Households also generate savings from the use of charcoal briquettes because they have a comparatively larger energy output per unit as compared to wood charcoal.

Sectors Environmental services, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
Location Lilongwe, Malawi
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